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Kid’s Nite Out Recreation & Resort Management, Inc.
Hotel Childcare Services, Event Childcare Services
and Hotel Pet Sitting since 1998

  • Secure and innovative fun for kids and pet sitting
  • Continually creating ground-breaking, age-appropriate and popular theme
  • Entertainment for event childcare Certified and insured
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week hotel childcare, peace of mind for parents!

Kid’s Nite Out Recreation & Resort Management, Inc. brings a new meaning to event childcare and hotel childcare
services for ages 6 weeks to 18 years old by offering innovative entertainment. Learn about thorough childcare policies and count on Kid’s Nite Out!

Kid’s Nite Out is a preferred hotel and resort sitting service provider and Kid’s Nite Out is Walt Disney World’s preferred childcare provider!

Orlando – Kissimmee
Tampa – Vero Beach

With in-room hotel childcare service, Kid’s Nite Out brings a toy bag full of age-appropriate activities, games and books.

Hotel childcare services include hotel mother’s/ father’s helpers for parents who are on the go.



Kid’s Nite Out offers event childcare services, providing creative, safe and age-appropriate activities for children at conventions, weddings and other large special events. Kids play in a separate ballroom while parents attend their own meetings or trade shows!



Kids Camps hotel childcare services are fun when your kids can enjoy scheduled interactive activities in a safe and supervised environment at participating Orlando-area hotels and resorts.

Kid’s Nite Out is a management company and contracted by many.


Orlando – Kissimmee
Tampa – Vero Beach

Traveling with a pet? Many hotels now allow pets, and Kid’s Nite Out provides in-house hotel pet sitting services for feeding, walking and playing with your pet while you are out.


Rental Equipment

All deliveries are based on round trip, $20.00.: Drop off and pick up locations must be the same. Any cancellation must be received 24 hours in advance. Reservations are confirmed with a credit card.

Event Childcare Services in Major Cities Nationwide
Innovative Event Childcare Services in a Separate Ballroom

Kid’s Nite Out creates children’s events for groups of children—group sizes 10 to 1,000—at large special events such as conventions, trade shows, corporate parties, and weddings.

  • Event childcare services take place in a separate and secure ballroom for kids to have fun, often offering outdoor activities in addition to indoor entertainment.
  • The Children’s Event Planners of Kid’s Nite Out develop unique children’s event programs appropriate for size of group and children’s ages, and continuously creates activities that feature popular trends. A Kid’s Nite Out event childcare team arrives with a truck ready to burst with fun games, toys and other activities.
  • Kid’s Nite Out has provided exciting event childcare services in major cities nationwide, including Atlanta, Anaheim, Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, St. Louis, San Diego, San Francisco, and Salt Lake City!
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Hotel Childcare Services
Metro Orlando, Kissimmee, Tampa, and Vero Beach

Top destinations for tourism—conventions, events, theme parks, beaches, and more—Kid’s Nite Out offers a variety of contracted hotel childcare services.

  • In-room sitter services, a Kid’s Nite Out hotel childcare team arrives with a bag of age-appropriate toys, games and books.
  • Mother’s and father’s helpers are a great hotel childcare service that let moms and dads enjoy the Sunshine State’s many amenities with their children, with a little help.
  • Kids Camps provide scheduled group hotel childcare activities for kids of hotel patrons—such as games, arts and crafts, hair-wraps, temporary tattoos—at contracted hotels and resorts.
Contact Kid’s Nite Out for hotel childcare services!

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Kid’s Nite Out Children’s Events
Event Childcare Services with Planned Activities

Themed youth and children’s events include: Beach Blast, Silly ‘Lympics, 1950s/1960s Retro Party, Outer Space, Jungle Safari, Dinoriffic Dinosaurs, Dalmation Station, Teddy Bear Picnic, Candy Factory. Customize a theme! Activities are based upon a chosen theme. Kid’s Nite Out designs great concepts for event childcare services!

Standard children’s events include fun-filled individual and group activities, toys, games, movies, and arts and crafts.

Entertainment options, à-la-carte, can include: Dance Extreme Revolution, stilt walker, strolling magician, balloon art, hair-wrap, temporary tattoos, A/V Sony Projector and large screen, Sony TV with VCR and DVD, disk jockey, caricature artist, clown, professional storyteller, moonwalk, and animal visit.

Customized event childcare services for cruise lines are offered.

Chaperones are available for group excursions.

Leading corporations have contracted Kid’s Nite Out for event childcare services at their conventions, trade shows, corporate parties, or other corporate events. These organizations include industries such as electronic, resort/hotel, insurance, food distribution, restaurant, electronics, retail, nonprofit, automobile, gasoline, banking, higher education, media, and government.

Learn how your organization can benefit from event childcare services!

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Hotel Pet Sitting
Metro Orlando, Kissimmee and Tampa

Many of the finest hotels and resorts allow pets to stay at the hotel with you. Let Kid’s Nite Out take care of your pet at your hotel. Kid’s Nite Out is contracted for pet sitting services.

Pet sitting takes away worry, allowing pets to get fed, walked and played with while their families are away.

Check with your hotel about pet policies and then contact Kid’s Nite Out about pet sitting availability!

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Kid’s Nite Out Security
Professional staff and security measures
for event childcare, in-room child care or resort camps

With event childcare services, children and parents are assigned child identification (ID) numbers. Children get bright arm bands with their names, ages and ID numbers. Parents get a Kid’s Nite Out claim card with an ID number that matches their children’s ID numbers. The arm band and card number must match for a child to be released, unless otherwise noted.

Details regarding emergency numbers and appropriate health conditions are recorded.

A separate ballroom is reserved adjacent to restrooms at events.

A professional licensed staff is guaranteed and policies are stringent.

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